Friday, December 15, 2017
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Home - Florida Replacement Window Resource Center

The Florida Replacement Window Resource Center is dedicated to providing relevant information to Florida residents and business owners regarding replacement windows. In addition to links to help you research rebates and learn about the best windows specifically designed for the climate, weather conditions, and lifestyles unique to Florida and other coastal communities, we will help you connect to suppliers and contractors that specialize in windows.

Right now, as hurricane season is getting serious attention, our focus is on the latest information about storm protection and the special type of windows and related products that will be of interest to everyone considering replacement windows (or for new construction projects too.)

If you reside in Florida, then no one has to tell you about preparing for a hurricane and no one has to tell you about the destruction and devastation that a hurricane can bring to your home, family and property.  One great way that you can help protect your family and your home from the damage that a hurricane can cause is by installing impact windows and/or hurricane panels. They are a great investment even if your building codes don't call for them.

Thanks to Discovery Channel's MythBusters in their Hurricane Special, the importance of having impact windows or hurricane panels (or both) is clearly demonstrated.  The following YouTube video dispels the myth that opening your windows in wind-storm will provide any benefits, moreover, you can see how flying debris will break through conventional windows allowing water to penetrate and damage everthing inside a building.

With impact windows you will find that you will either no longer need to use storm shutters on your home, or possibly only need hurricane shutters on selected windows (and possibly doors too.)  The final decision should only be made with expert advice from companies that specialize in storm protection and are licenced to do the installation.

Impact windows (hurricane windows) are able to take the force of the winds from a hurricane as well as the impacts from any debris that a hurricane may send flying into the windows of your home. Whether you are a home owner and live in a single family home, a condo, a beach house or a high rise, you will find that there is an impact window that is designed for any situation.  Should you need to install impact windows in your business, you will be able to find the perfect window for your commercial buildings too.

A hurricane rated impact window will provide you with so much more hurricane protection than you are currently getting with your standard windows. You can take a sledge hammer and slam it against the window and the window will not allow it to penetrate (click or touch here to see a demonstration of a man trying to smash through a hurricane rated window with a crowbar!) If you were to take a sledge hammer or crowbar to your current windows, there is no doubt that your windows would shatter.

Another great reason for installing impact windows aside from hurricane protection is the fact that they are going to help you save a substantial amount of money on your energy bills, insurance, and possibly will earn you tax credits or other sources of rebates. When impact windows are installed in your home, they will be installed so that they are air tight. In the winter, no cool air is going to be able to penetrate the impact windows and your warm air will stay inside your home. In the summer months, no the heat is not going to be able to penetrate the high impact windows and your cool air from your air conditioning is going to be kept inside your home.

During a hurricane, leaking windows can allow air and water to leak into the home. When high pressure air driven rain is allowed in your home, it can result in all sorts of damage to your property.  Also, installing impact windows will allow you and your family to have some peace from many of those annoying outside noises. You will find that after installing the impact windows that you home is so much quieter. You and your family will be able to enjoy a great movie on TV without having to turn up the sound due to passing traffic, a plane flying over, a noisy party next door, or that annoying dog down the street that just refuses to be quiet!

Please take a little time and look over the resources on this web site, and remember to consult an expert - someone that specializes in storm protection and is licenced to perform installations - to find out the best strategy to protect and beautify with new replacement windows.